Learn About the Premium App

Premium vs. Free App

There are two versions of the StoneSpot app; the premium and free versions. Both versions are currently available on iOS devices (Android users, we're releasing a version for you soon!). Access to the free version of the app comes with any StoneSpot account. The Premium app is an add-on to your StoneSpot plan and is $100.00/month per company. The features included in both plans are compared below and explained in detail in the videos that follow.

Free App Premium App
Update Order Status and View Order Detials All of the Free App Features
Upload Images to Orders and Inventory Items Create Inventory Items and Link to NFC Tags*
Perform Inventory Counts Using QR Codes Perform Inventory Counts Using QR Codes, Search or NFC Tags*
Free with any StoneSpot Account $100.00/month For a Company
  Track Orders Through Production Using NFC*
  Update Delivery Dates Remotely
  View and Edit Production Buckets
  Receive Deliveries using an Easy Checklist Format

*Only with NFC enabled iOS devices. Most iPhones 7 and newer support NFC. For a full list of NFC compatible devices see Apple's product descriptions.

NFC & Inventory

Conquering Your Inventory

Keeping track of inventory is tough, and sometimes it can feel like an uphill battle. NFC tags can help simplify the process. They are incredibly durable, cost an average of 30 cents each, and can be reused to track multiple different orders or inventory items. NFC tags are the ideal solution for inventory because they can last outdoors and be easily programmed from your iPhone. Unlike QR or barcodes they don't require a printer, making it easy to mark every inventory item in your lot. Before completing an inventory count, NFC chips need to be programmed to match your inventory items. This can easily be done by searching for an existing item in your StoneSpot inventory or creating a new item and then tapping the "Link NFC Tag" button in the app. Tapping this button opens the NFC hardware on an iPhone, allowing you to tap an NFC tag to the phone and link that tag with the inventory item. Once all of your inventory items have a linked NFC tag, performing an inventory count is as easy as tapping the NFC tag associated with an inventory item and entering the number of pieces of that item that you have on hand. Tracking inventory with NFC tags and the new StoneSpot app simplifies inventory counts and helps keep your inventory organized.

Man Rolling Rock Uphill

It's time to end the uphill battle!

"The more inventory a company has, the less likely they will have what they need"

-Taiichi Ohno

To see how NFC can be used for inventory counts, watch the video below!

Viewing Orders Using the App

The new StoneSpot app allows you to search for orders using NFC scanning, QR codes, or a search field. Details of the order are available in the app, making it easy for production and office workers to quickly access the information they need to complete the order and provide excellent customer service. Order statuses can be updated from the app, making it ideal to use in your production area. The app provides built-in access to camera technology, allowing you to upload pictures of the stone or related documents to an order with ease. The app also allows your delivery drivers to take a photo of the installed monument and then mark the orders as "completed."

Managing Orders

The premium app was made with your production team in mind, which is why it includes easy access to your production buckets (the production section of the "Manage Orders" page on the StoneSpot website). This allows your production workers to view orders in a bucket, add images and update order status all within the app so that they can complete their work without needing to sign into the website on a computer.

Receiving Deliveries

Receiving deliveries through the app is convenient and fast. Just check the box next to each item as you take it off the delivery truck and the app will receive that item into your inventory. This is especially handy if you are using NFC chips to track your orders and inventory. As you receive items you are able to link them to NFC chips from the deliveries page so that orders and inventory items can be tracked right from the start.