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• ToDo's
• Tagging
• Custom production buckets
• Client tracking
• Supplier tracking
• Delivery planning and tracking
• Connected suppliers
• Advanced search and reporting
• Calendar and email notifications
• Email communications with clients and suppliers
• Varied permissions levels
• Unlimited users
• Initial data imports
• Semi-customizable printed forms
• High uptime and data redundancy
• Dropbox backup manager
• Production monitoring and statistics
• Mobile app access
• Calendarable to-dos
All features from the Basic plan level
• Multiple pricing profiles
• Inventory tracking
• Inventory barcoding
• QuickBooks connection
• Wholesale client portal
• Automated approval system
• Multi-office functionality
• Commission tracking
Call for quote
All features from the Basic & Pro plan levels
• Sage Intacct connection
• Production barcoding
• MailChimp integration
• GPS tracking
• Foundation tracking
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